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Mealennial Living is a collaborative initiative among practitioners from all dimensions of wellness. Workshop participants will enjoy yoga, pilates, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, and other wellness activities. Mealennial Living ensures that every workshop facilitator offers an interactive experience with resource information that participants can use immediately. Participants can also receive referrals to health and wellness specialists within our network.

Food For Thought!

Since food and nutrition is integrated in all the services we offer, your senses will be delighted by the meal that is served during the wellness workshop.

Beyond offering fellowship, the meal is also part of the learning lesson. Chef Terrance collaborates with each workshop facilitator to do a culinary demonstration and teaching session that is linked the workshop topic.

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Mealennial Living enjoys collaborating with practitioners and organizations from all dimensions of wellness interested in planning health & wellness workshops with culinary demonstrations. We create an interactive experience with resource information about healthy living that participants can use immediately. Stop doing webinars. Avoid “Death by PowerPoint” and traditional lecture-styled seminars. Do it the Mealennial Living way!

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