Why Cold Pressed Juices?

The common theme in ALL nutritional plans is consuming vegetables and fruit. Drinking cold-pressed juices is a great option. Having your juices customized with ingredients recommended for your nutritional goals is better. That is where Mealennial Living can work with you--and your health practitioners--in creating juices that:

  • Boost your metabolism for weight loss and more energy;
  • Fortify your immune system for dis-ease prevention and healing; and
  • Detox, heal, and balance organs and glands impacted by dis-ease and trauma. 

Why JuiceSi?

Mealennial Living integrates nutrient-dense, locally grown, seasonal plant-based juices into the daily hustle and bustle of our clients' schedules. JuiceSi juices are live which means they are rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and micronutrients. We ensure this by using masticating juicers--not centrifugal force machines--thereby preserving freshness for up to 72 hours.

Delivery in The DC/MD/VA Region

Mealennial Living prepares and delivers fresh organic juices with ingredients that are sourced locally from farmers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. After your consultation, you can then place your order. Each week you'll receive a "Chefs pick" option of diverse and nourishing juices based on what veggies and fruits are being harvested during the season, or you can opt for a single variety package. No one in the DMV is offering fresh, sustainably grown, organic and LOCAL juices. Thank you for supporting our mission to provide a healthy lifestyle choice to the Southern Maryland community!

Interested In Juice Delivery?

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Let's Meet About Your Juicing Needs

After your consultation, you can then place your juice delivery order. 

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