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Mealennial Living offers culinary tutorials, interactive wellness events, and program development.



Mealennial Living prepares and delivers fresh organic juices with ingredients that are sourced locally from farmers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. After your consultation, you can then place your order.

Need more than juices? We are in the business of empowering others to have a healthy lifestyle. Mealennial Living can assist you in changing your kitchen into a hearth of wellness.

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Wellness Activities


No Webinars.

No Sterile Seminar Rooms.

No PowerPoint Presentations.

Mealennial Living offers workshops and activities with human connectivity that are centered around one of the dimensions of wellness. We create activities with workshop facilitators that encourage all participants to engage with each other.

Our workshops are unique in that Mealennial Living gives you...

Food For Thought!

Program Development


If you are a:

Food Equity Activist

Health & Wellness Organization

Food Producer in Southern Maryland

...and need guidance on creating initiatives in your community for access to nutritional food, promoting your wellness programs, or selling your products connected to healthy living, Mealennial Living can assist you.

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About Us

How We Define Wellness

Wellness is more than the absence of dis-ease. Physical activity and nutrition do not fully define it. Instead, wellness is the optimum connection and balance of a person’s mind, body, and spirit.

What We Do & Who We Are

Our clients include busy professionals, community groups, youth organizations, and families. While our focus is on food, we promote all dimensions of wellness as a means to empower our clients to adopt and maintain healthy living and high-quality lifestyle habits.

The End Game

We envision a culture that supports and empowers all global residents to live an authentic healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with others and the environment.

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Better yet, meet us in person!

We love meeting new people, so call us to schedule a time to break bread together to discuss wellness and how to incorporate juices in your nutritional plan.

Mealennial Living

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